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  • Bristol Co-operative Gym

    Bristol Co-operative Gym

    Discussion and decision making for members of the Bristol Co-operative Gym

  • Black Rose Labour

    Black Rose Labour

    Black Rose is a social and organising space for the Labour Party's libertarian socialists, as well as a campaign group that aims to democratise the party and push its policy platform in a socialist direction. In the wake of an additional five years of hard-right government, we want to promote and organise extra-parliamentary and non-electoral work among the membership. Our strength will come not from Parliament or from a leader above, but from our collective endeavour.

  • Dignity platform

    Dignity platform

    Purpose of this group

    To test out Airesis. To see if it's potentially useful as a MVP for our Supporter Voice feature. 
    lso to see if it's suitable to help the IO Collective to decide which venue to hold the next IO retreat at.

  • Beginners group

    Beginners group

    Just playing around with this.
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